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Members Selling 5,300
Unique Visitors 1,100,000*
Page Views 15,000,000*
Properties for Sale 110,000
* Source: Google Analytics

#1 in Traffic receives over 1,100,000 unique visitors every month to its network of websites which is measured directly from Google Analytics. This makes it the #1 most trafficked network of websites in rural real estate. To compare the Network to other websites, visit Quantcast, a leader in external measurement of online traffic.

#1 in Partners runs the rural real estate search on over 200 partners' websites. Each of these partners advertises all of the listings available through members. There is no other source online to get the reach that members get.

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#1 in Paid Members has more paid members selling rural real estate than any other advertising service of its kind. Currently there are over 5,300 members paying to advertise. The Network of websites advertises only listings of paid members and does not dilute their exposure by advertising free listings from any other sources.